They Tricked Actors Reading Cold Facts on Illegal Immigration. Their responses are priceless.

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In California, illegal immigrants and their children make up almost 11% of the population.

They cost taxpayers over $25 billion in state and local expenses.
$14.4 Billion for Education
$4.02 Billion for Healthcare
$4.44 B for Justice and Law Enforcement
$792 M for Public Assistance
$1.6B for “General Government Services”

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When you break it down, that amounts to $2,370 per legal California household.…

6 out of 7 of the least affordable cities in US are in CA…

California has the highest taxes in nation…

California is neglecting important infrastructure due to the massive debt of $1.3Trillion.…

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Further, when it comes to federal crime convictions, non-citizens were responsible for:
22% of all murder
18% of all fraud
33% of all money laundering
29 % of all drug trafficking
72% of all drug possession convictions…


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