They Want to Reset the World End Times Author Breaks Down ‘Great Reset,’ Antichrist, and Future One-World Govt

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Kinley said global elites are intensely focused on wanting to “change the world fundamentally” and explained why the Great Reset is seen as a way to accomplish that goal.

“Sometimes you have to reset your computer or reset your phone … they believe that the world is not working properly, it’s not equitable, it’s not honoring the planet, it’s consuming too much energy and too many natural resources,” Kinley said. “They want to reset the whole planet and basically replace capitalism with socialism, replace nationalism with a one-world government.”

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He added, “They want to reset the world … and remake it in their own image.”

Kinley discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to be a rallying cry for those who were sympathetic to or pushing for this “reset,” as it was a global crisis involving nearly every government.

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“The entire planet was talking about one thing,” he said, tying that reality back to theological views on the eventual rise of the antichrist, who many Christians believe will come and establish a one-world government. “Scripture gives us a pretty clear indication about what we’re going to see in the very last days of human history.”

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Kinley, who pondered whether the Great Reset ideology could pave the way for this unified world government, also explained his take surrounding Satan’s dominance over earthly kingdoms.


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