They Want You Broke! Massive Economic Collapse Imminent As They Prepare For Great Reset!

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by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the crazy news regarding the mass subsidization of restaurants and businesses in New York as bankruptcy runs rampant due to lockdowns, mandates and loss of tourism.
Instead of just opening things up and letting humans be humans, the New York government is playing the desperation and dependence game with the pawns they call citizens. They are mass subsidizing the poverty of the people to make the pawns believe they’re being given a gift when in reality, they’ve lost everything due to this entity called the state and the same entity is pretending to save them from the trauma they themselves caused. And in doing this, they are printing vast quantities of money. In fact, house Democrats are actually calling for endless money printing as the fed sees a decade of annual 5% inflation. Of course this inflation if judged by more realistic stats going back to the 80s standard is closer to 25% by the time this eases.
But the government says there’s nothing to worry about. First they said there was no increase in inflation despite printing 25% of all currency in one year. Now they say there’s large inflation but “only when it comes to pork, beef and chicken.” This is insanity.
Inflation is one of the number one causes of poverty and so-called wealth inequality. Meanwhile they’re about to do bail-in regimes and they’re draining people of their savings. Regulations are piling up and so are mandates. This only leads one place. Tyranny. And then eventually it leads to another place. Complete collapse and demise.

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This is why it’s so incredibly important for people to be self sustainable as we’ve always spoken of here at WAM. Food, water, shelter, self defense, decentralization of currency, both physical and digital for the digital world we are no doubt living in. Break free from the centralized technocracy and protect yourself with privacy coins. Disobey always and don’t allow yourself to fall into debt dependence!

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