They Won’t Awaken for Fear of Losing the Dream

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via


The great citizens of a country are not those who bend the knee before authority but rather those who, against authority if need be, are adamant as to the honor and freedom of that country. 

– Albert Camus, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death


The task of men…is not to desert historical struggles nor to serve the cruel and inhuman elements in those struggles. It is rather to remain what they are, to help man against what is oppressing him, to favor freedom against the fatalities that close in upon it.…Man’s greatness…lies in his decision to be greater than his condition. And if his condition is unjust, he has only one way of overcoming it, which is to be just himself.

– Albert Camus, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death


Those familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark will know the ancient patriarch, as described in the Bible’s Book of Genesis, built a ship to ensure his family’s lineage through a great global flood. The mass population of Noah’s day would not survive the coming carnage and the people lived without any knowledge of what was about to happen. Perhaps they even ridiculed Noah and his family for building the ark. Regardless, the Walking Dead lived the dream until their world ended, abruptly, in a deluge that swept them to their respective deaths.

Genesis Chapter Six tells of “giants on the earth” that became “heroes” to the wicked Walking Dead of that ancient zeitgeist; and the flood manifested as a result of the God of Creation seeing that “the wickedness of man was great in the earth” (Genesis 6:5).

Noah, however, “found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Genesis 6:8).  In the Bible’s original language, the word “grace” may also be translated as “favor”.

Therefore, according to the Bible, the God of Creation held Noah in higher regard than the Antediluvian Walking (soon to be swimming) Dead.

Now, regardless of anyone’s belief, or non-belief, in Biblical Scripture, it is being cited here for purposes of illustration; and because Bible stories and characters offer a universal reference point from which to begin a conversation.  Additionally, for anyone paying attention, there is no denying America has become a dead nation walking – and prior to the coming storm.

For the sake of this post, the modern-day giants on the earth could be considered as the titans who govern international corporations and organizations. Undeniably, the present-day Walking Dead view these corporate overlords, and their governmental attendants, as heroes; but today’s plebeians are just part of another generation led astray, persuaded down a primrose path in a perverse and perilous parade.

Like an ill wind blowing across time, an ancient immorality has, once again, overtaken the world as evil giants establish another kingdom founded upon fear and superstition. This time, however, a technocracy has emerged codified with Marxist precepts and regulated via the giant jackboots of global climate change and omnipresent coronaviruses.

Secular Humanism and collectivism have liquefied national institutions into muddy sloughs of corruption and relativism to the point of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice now being unable to discern the biological differences between genders.  This has occurred while supranational institutions, such as the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum, were solidified into the new high towers of the global dystopia.

Solve et Coagula.

These wicked giants have captured the mainstream media as governments around the world are controlled by World Economic Forum puppets in key positions of power, and politicians across the globe have become mostly stooges, comedians, clowns, and Reality TV Stars. Yet, to the Walking Dead of this era, the global overlords appear as Greek and Roman gods rescuing the world from coronavirus variants, wicked weather, and Russian war criminals.

There was once a more genuine and gratifying way of life, long ago, but fractional reserve banking has dissolved the old world in a flood of green paper and digital debt until all that remains now are war propaganda and fake news narratives floating like bloated corpses on the waves.

Almost everything seen near and far is electronic and fake, or, at the very least, partially fake which is still fake.

Patriots and preppers watch from their respective arks under a hard rain that feels like judgment; as the words of the Walking Dead flow as rivers winding into a digital ocean of lies.

United States politicians are now, conveniently, blaming the “Putin price hike” after decades of inflationary money printing and reckless government spending.

A Florida bill designed to protect young children in their schools from deviant ideologues has been twisted into the “Don’t Say Gay” law by the Walking Dead and for the perverse pleasure of their giant, behind-the-scenes, overlords.

In a demonstration of how the War in Ukraine is aiding and abetting the World Economic Forum’s “long-term value creation” within the “social contract” of Stakeholder Capitalism, Chanel, Inc. has “forbidden” the sale of its purses to “individuals planning to use them in Russia”.

Remember when products were owned by the purchaser upon purchase? No longer, as all transactions are becoming subject to an emerging, and grotesque, social “morality”.

Accordingly, big government and banking giants that have fanned the flames of global warfare while racking up trillions in unsustainable debt, are now planning to monitor the social and economic credit scores of an apathetic generation asleep and dreaming.

Disney Corporation once sold fantasies to children for profit.  Now it peddles sexual delusions to kids, at the risk of its own demise, by choosing to sacrifice the company brand upon an altar of Wokeness.

By supporting the de facto grooming of children, Disney has, in effect, transitioned its shareholders into World Economic Forum-mandated stakeholders administering new ancient ideologies.

Furthermore, Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, has labeled any honest skepticism of his company’s mRNA COVID vaccine as “misinformation”.  According to Bourla, those who raise questions outside of Pfizer’s talking points and advertised taglines are “criminals” whose actions have cost “millions of lives”.

Evidently, under the new social contract, expressing a lack of trust in a company that was forced to pay the largest criminal fine in history is now a crime, according to the giants of Big Pharma, because free speech threatens the “lives” of the Collective Walking Dead.

At one time, society existed for the sake of individuals. But today, in the Age of COVID and Climate Politics and Economics, a sea change has occurred; at least in the United States: because now, like most nations of the world, individual Americans are viewed as existing for the sake of society.

Of course, weaponizing The Common Good against the individual has always been foundational to Socialism, Fascism, and Communism; and, it appears the masses have bought what Big Corporatism and Big Government have sold them:  The price for admission into the New World Order has been paid by people yielding their natural rights and individual autonomy to giants on the earth.  Hypnotized and in a dreamlike trance, these are the Walking Dead.  The new religion may be called “Woke” but its adherents are actually asleep and dreaming.

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Last November in another article, I described the following circumstance:

I know a manager in a health facility who applied for a religious exemption and it was awarded. Some of his employees asked his advice on getting the jabs. The employees were against it, initially, and sought advice from their boss. The manager, not wanting to reveal his vaccination status, or jeopardize his recently awarded exemption with his superiors, simply advised the employees to follow their conscience and do what they feel is best for them. The employees, with resentment, caved in and took their first shots in order to keep their jobs.

The employees ended up taking both shots of the mRNA gene therapy in order the meet the health facility’s COVID vaccination deadline and, last week, one of the employees died in their home of “flu-like systems preceding a myocardial infarction”.

This was a very healthy person in their sixties who ate right, worked out regularly, and had no history of heart problems. Their parents lived into their eighties. The deceased had kids and grandkids. They took the mRNA “vaccine”, under coercion, and in order to keep their job.

As of this writing, there are two obituaries in my morning newspaper of people in their early 40s. Both died “at home”.  Not “at home from an accident”, or “at home from a fall”, or “at home from a long battle against cancer”.

Just “at home”.

So it seems “at home” deaths are trending.

Ironically, in the same local paper, an announcement was recently published advertising an event to celebrate local “heroes” in healthcare.  In effect, the event will honor those who refused to provide their patients with proven and peer-reviewed early COVID treatment options and then later snuffed out multiple lives on ventilators for government cash. Moreover, the healthcare honchos who have organized the event are the very same people who mandated their employees submit to experimental gene therapy.

So, with that in mind, I have been relentlessly confronting the biofascists in my community.

Last week, one of the dreamwalkers asked me where I’m getting my information and I told them I had everything ready to send to them: The released-under-court-order Pfizer documents, the video testimonials of funeral directors and embalmers, videos of the vaccine injured, local obituaries (citing “sudden, “unexpected”, and “at home deaths”), VAERS documentation, and more.

“Can I show you?” I asked. Silence.

This week, a second dreamwalker asked me: “Are you ever going to stop with this COVID vaccine stuff?”

I replied: “Are Fauci, the WHO, and the CDC ever going to stop? No. They will just keep selling brand new variants and useless boosters for you to keep buying every Dark Winter of Death“.

So, no. It won’t be over until the collusion, fraud, and fascism have been fully exposed and those who prescribed medical tyranny under false pretenses have been held to account.

Was the second dreamwalker even remotely curious regarding my sources of information? Not at all. Just more silence.

Eventually, however, the Walking Dead will learn the Great Reset isn’t so great. This is because the World Economic Forum, the elite bankers, the secret societies, and corresponding round-table organizations will not withstand the real reset when it comes. The Fake Reset is ultimately doomed because reality always drowns dystopian dreams in time.

Noah could not save the generation of his day.  He could not awaken them. He could not change their minds. All he could do was to act out his own beliefs in faith, prepare, and persevere.

In the Biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, Noah acted separately from the crowd of his day. This was because his actions derived from an ideological construct that set him and his family apart. He did not dream the dreams of The Walking Dead. Instead, Noah met the storm head-on with eyes wide open. Every day, he chose to build and stock his ark knowing it would soon be launched into an uncertain future. In that sense, Noah’s faith required courage.

In a previous post, I phrased a personal perspective on faith as follows:

It takes courage to act rightly; to place principles above, even, survival. In that regard, then, faith could be considered as the evidence of principles unseen.

In our current zeitgeist, the right choices will remain the same as they have throughout history: To hold these principles in high regard: Truth instead of deception, just law against tyranny, reason above insanity, and innovation over entropy.

These are binaries that will determine our wise decisions, and good friends, in the coming storm.

The Great Reset now heralded by this generation’s “giants on the earth” is destined to fail.  It will ultimately fail because it is manifesting through deception, by means of tyranny, and at the whims of insane blood-sucking vampires that have coopted all which they could not create.

Conversely, and regardless of the Walking Dead of Noah’s day, the old patriarch’s “rightness” was determined by his “right” choices – decisions that adhered to an internal “standard”, or plumb line, if you will.

Noah never accepted the premises, or the vain utterances, of dead dreamwalkers. Instead, the Biblical narrative showed him trusting another source that was stronger than the largest giants on earth.

The story of Noah, in fact, points the way to an Ark that will not sink.

Of course, truth, and right action, and courage, may not guarantee physical survival in the coming deluge. But what else is worth dying for?

Even recent history proves how facing reality wide awake was better than dreaming dystopian dreams.

Never lose faith.


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