They Won’t Do It, Because They Watch Fake News!

by Pamela Williams
Why don’t they know that President Trump is continually being stalked for “blown up” and minute assumptions made up by an idiocracy (a government ruled by idiots)?  Why don’t they know this?  Because they watch fake news!  They sit in front of an outdated television set, and they listen to a proven fake news TV station.  They won’t listen to another viewpoint, as they are too brainwashed to do so.  This has to make up the population of the fake news zombies – those who keep these stations on the air and these idiot broadcasters coming into work everyday.
Am I mad and fed-up?  You have no idea!
I will be quoting from:
By the way, the above writer is one of my favorite.
Lets look at what he is saying, and the point he is trying to make, which is basically the same point I am trying to make, too.  I woke up this morning in a rage over this fiasco of the constant Trump stalking by the Democrats.
Now lets look at this from the author’s point of view:
“When you look at the facts, this was a major screwup and it’s going to result in a story which will suddenly be dropped by the mainstream?—?the Dems are implicated with actual Russian collusion in an attempt to set up Don Jr.
Even if I were to say look up the Russian lawyer?—?who she is, how she came to be in the U.S., who let her in the country and when?—?they won’t do it. Or if I said to look up the translator?—?who they were, who they worked for, why they were chosen to be present at the meeting?—?they won’t do it.
It doesn’t make any difference when there are literally thousands of pages of documents available from the FBI and FOIA requests from Judicial Watch?—?hard evidence of corruption within the DNC and the Democrats?—?they will continue to believe the media and instead will resort to calling me, and anyone else, childish names as they always do when they can’t argue facts.”
This is amazing to me, because this is exactly what came to me over the weekend.  And I am angry…I cannot get that anger out of my system.  How many of you are angry and wondering where to go from here?
Lets see what the latest is on the situation today.  Oh, here we have this:    Joe Scarborough: Trump is killing the Republican Party.  Really, Joe?
No, Joe, actually it is your cheap and worthless chat you and your co-host do each day, while behind the scenes you are doing something else at the Trump hotel.  You actually fool enough of your audience into thinking Trump is the failure you say he is.  You and your other fake news cohorts!
This is Scarborough’s first comment:  
The current Republican president and the party he controls were granted monopoly power over Washington in November and already find themselves spectacularly failing Abraham Lincoln’s character exam.
Excuse me, although President Trump was voted into the 2016 Presidency by WE THE PEOPLE, the failed Democrats have monopoly power over Washington!  They seek to oust President Trump and have allied themselves with the Deep State in doing so.

  1. “In 2004, Republican strategist Karl Rove anticipated a majority that would last a generation; two years later, Pelosi became the most liberal House speaker in history. Obama was swept into power by a supposedly unassailable Democratic coalition. In 2010, the tea party tide rolled in. Obama’s reelction returned the momentum to the Democrats, but Republicans won a historic state-level landslide in 2014. Then last fall, Trump demolished both the Republican and Democratic establishments.”

Donald Trump has not demolished anything within our government except the idiocracy.  ( He has exposed the deceit and the liars, but at the same time he has been crippled by the Deep State.  WE THE PEOPLE really do not know the extent of what he and his family are really dealing with.
Each truth, which has escaped from his mouth due to his candid nature, has been held aghast by those who guard those lies.  The mantle of their armor is being cracked by Trump’s tweets, and the panic has caused a landslide of unbelievable treasonous acts by the Democrats.  
But the truly amazing and mind-blowing truth is the Democrats are getting away with it, as it is simply a brainwashing technique being washed all over the masses.  The masses are literally dripping with the sticky nature of this assault of the truth.  Although there are honest representatives on Capitol Hill, they are sadly outnumbered by those who have been blackmailed and bought off by the Democratic allied Deep State.  
We know there are constant operations by the Deep State to blackmail these politicians, and each one they blackmail means one less voice for the truth.  I suspect representatives like Adam Schiff, Al Franken, John McCain, and Chuck Schumer are so compromised they are weighed down by hell.

  1. “Political historians will one day view Donald Trump as a historical anomaly. But the wreckage visited of this man will break the Republican Party into pieces — and lead to the election of independent thinkers no longer tethered to the tired dogmas of the polarized past. When that day mercifully arrives, the two-party duopoly that has strangled American politics for almost two centuries will finally come to an end. And Washington just may begin to work again.”

OK…this is an interesting statement, and to some degree, Scarborough makes a very good point.  The truth is Donald Trump is an anomaly.  Hillary Clinton wanted him to run opposite her, so she had the best chance of winning.  No one in her party expected him to win, but Hillary exposed herself to the public during this time.  She got lazy and cocky, and she slipped up causing her downfall.
To Trump’s favor, he felt sorry for her; that is to his heart’s favor, he showed he had compassion for her plight.  He could have taken action after he won the race, but he backed off…leaving her alone.  Although his heart may have spoken, I believe he became too soft-hearted.
You know sometimes we do that with our enemies, we become soft-hearted…letting our guard down.  Most of the time if those enemies are marching to the beat of the Devil, we live to regret it.
President Donald Trump Delivers Live Speech To The People Of Poland 7/6/2017 Live Donald Trump
In the morning, President Donald Trump will hold a series of meetings at the Royal Castle. He will first meet with President Andrzej Duda of Poland, then hold a joint press conference with President Duda.
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In the afternoon, the President will participate in a bilateral meeting with President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic of Croatia. The President will then give remarks to the people of Poland. Following his remarks, the President will depart Poland en route Hamburg, Germany.
Once in Germany, the president will go to the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg where he is staying. At the hotel, Trump will then meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.
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