THEY’RE ALREADY PREPARING THEIR 2020 EXCUSES: Tom Perez, DNC chair: Losing to Trump again would be due to ‘lie, cheat and steal’ playbook.

via washingtontimes:

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez says a loss by his party in 2020 will be attributable to one thing: a “lie, cheat and steal” playbook preferred by President Trump.

Mr. Perez offered a prima facie case for political foul play this week while appearing on MSNBC.

“What’s clear from this administration, and what’s clear throughout the entirety of his business practices, is that they will lie, cheat, and steal,” Mr. Perez replied when asked about the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s recently release report. “They’ll do anything to win. They have so eroded institutions of democracy, that is why there is health care on the ballot, and we will continue to point out that the Democratic Party is the party fighting to save your health care. The Republicans are fighting to take it away. So many other things on the ballot. Our democracy is on the ballot.”