They're "Gunning" for the 2nd Amendment – But THIS Should Worry You MORE!

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Police are too busy being social workers.

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3 thoughts on “They're "Gunning" for the 2nd Amendment – But THIS Should Worry You MORE!

  1. The Broward County School Board and Sheriff Israel murdered those 17 children …. NOT my RIFLE. They murdered their own children ….. for Dollar$ Documented PROOF read these three links (and growing) School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Wont Believe who Set it Up
    Talk about “FAILURE TO ACT” Why is Sheriff Israel running from camera to camera mouthing off like he is some kind of “hero” when HE was an active accomplice to 17 murders. .

  2. Michael Moore is a racist bigot who ran as far from Black Folk as he could as soon as he got his first million$ “Mr. Liberal” lives way the heck up North far away from those Darkies.

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