They’re shutting it all down! Google and Bing have removed the “custom dates” option for their Image Search pages. Can’t dwindle down anything past the previous 12 months.

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by strafite

Its depressing, when you know for a fact Google or YouTube 100% know what article or video you are searching for, but choose to not show it to you

They’ve literally made search engines worse for the sake of politics/bias

Let’s say there is a photo of someone or something you want to find from a certain year and even better you know the exact month. you would simply type the keywords and then you could put ’11/1/2010-11/30/2010′ very easily and google or bing would show you exactly what you are looking for. now no more. there isn’t even a BOOLEAN shorthand option like how you can still search for certain pixel sizes of images. i read that google and bing stopped this just last month.


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