They’re Still Protecting Hillary! State Dept Confirms FBI Found More Hillary Clinton Emails – Moves to Block Judicial Watch

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The FBI, DOJ and State Department are still protecting Hillary Clinton.

The State Department on Wednesday told conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch that the FBI magically found 30 more Hillary Clinton emails.

But the Department is blocking the watchdog group from any new information and just filed a brief with the Justice Department seeking to protect Hillary Clinton and themselves from further questions.

Judicial Watch will attend a hearing on Thursday to see if the court will allow the watchdog group to question Hillary Clinton and her top aide under oath about the Benghazi scandal and the use of a private server.

“State and DOJ file another brief today to protect Hillary Clinton on emails and Benghazi scandal. Heavy lifting of Judicial Watch will continue in federal court tomorrow as we seek her testimony and details on her deleted 33,000 emails!” Tom Fitton said.


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