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GREENWALD: Romney has basically made a speciality out of his life: urging US wars while demanding that other people’s less wealthy Americans families go fight and die in them: never him or his sons.

Former Democrat senator complains Americans ‘got used to’ cheap gas, so that’s why they’re blaming Biden.

[ABC’s This Week] Guest host Jonathan Karl started off sharing the results of the network’s new poll, which found an “overwhelming” majority of Americans support banning Russian oil after Russia invaded Ukraine, but they also blamed President Biden for skyrocketing gas prices.

“Our new poll, had some interesting numbers, first of all, it showed an overwhelming support for the ban on Russian oil, 77% support it, even if it means, the poll question, even if it means higher gas prices here at home. But take a look at this other question we asked, which is, ‘Biden’s handling of gas prices, do you approve?’ Seventy percent disapprove so, in other words, ban Russian oil even if it means higher gas prices, but we’re going to blame Biden,” Karl said.

Former Democrat senator from North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamp, dismissed the poll’s results as just politics and poor messaging from the White House.

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“Can I just say that is an artificially low price you’re starting from and when you do inflation adjustment, this isn’t the highest price we’ve had in the last 20 years. In fact, George Herbert Walker Bush under the Bush administration we had gas prices, inflation adjusted over $5,” she claimed.

“But we’re shocked because we got used to $2 gas, and that’s the problem!” she argued, as NewsBusters’ Kevin Tober highlighted.

In 2018, while Heitkamp was running for a second term that she would ultimately lose, she sang a bit of a different tune:

Heitkamp said in a Wednesday morning appearance on CNBC that she believes prices could actually be driven higher if not for domestic capacity.

“I think we would see shortages drive those prices up. Anything that encourages the growth of our domestic drilling industry is good for North Dakota, but I think ultimately it is good for the country when we’re looking at energy security,” she said.

“Unexpectedly,” since leaving office, America’s energy security doesn’t seem like much of a priority for Heitkamp.

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ICYMI: Don’t pretend that high prices and American suffering are a ‘bug’ for the establishment — it’s a historic feature.

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