Thieves broke into house, cleaned every room except the kitchen

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by Dr. Eowyn

Someone broke into a house in Marboro, Massachusetts and, instead of stealing, cleaned the house and even left a toilet-paper rose.

CBS Boston WBZ4 reports, May 23, 2019, that Nate Roman, 44, said he returned to his Marlborough home last week with his 5-year-old son and found someone had broken in.

His son was the first to notice the back door was open.

Police told WBZ-TV Roman called them on May 16 to report a breaking and entering. He said he returned home the night before and noticed that someone had been in his house. But nothing was missing. In fact, it looked great. Several rooms in the house were cleaned and a bag of trash was left on the back step.

Roman said: “You could smell the cleaning chemicals. I could tell something was wrong so I started looking around the house, and I found that my bathrooms had been cleaned. I will say the bathrooms were very well done, my son’s room has never looked better, it is now back to its original state.”

Roman thinks a housekeeping service may have gone to the wrong house by mistake. Roman had left the backdoor open. He said: “It was really the roses that really got me thinking that some professional cleaner had accidentally stumbled into my house. If I was going to judge the quality of a toilet paper rose I would call this high quality. The one thing they didn’t do was clean the kitchen which was a little disappointing.”

There were no signs of damage or that anyone had broken in. Police spoke with his neighbors and no one saw anything suspicious, so there are no suspects.



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