Things are heating up for more protest in France this weekend. The Yellow Vest Movement has seen smaller movements in Belguim, Germany, and Spain

by AnonDidNothingWrong


50 of the 60 CRS anti-riot unit will be called in emergency on Paris this saturday leaving the countryside defendless, all Paris police force mobilised even anti-immigration special unit

Armored vehicles of the GBGM (elite CBRN military unit in riot control that was deployed in Kosovo and Afghanistan) will guard government office saturday

Police Union refuse to fight despite promised a special bonus for saturday

US Embassy warning

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A protester says he has nothing to loose and will bring weapon to the next protest

Protesters arrested says they have no regret and they don’t fear prison

Museums will be closed saturday in Paris

Macron’s party representative threatened daily by Yellow Jackets, 3 resigned under the pressure

Gas blocus update: 339 stations running low on gas, 228 stations straight out of gas.

far left and far right united at the Parliament to vote a motion of censure

Several cops have stated to their hierarchy that they almost fired at the protesters with live ammo last week

Many of them have stated that they genuinely believe they will have to shoot protesters for their own safety this saturday, as more people are coming to hurt and kill members of the Police.

They have asked for legal advice on the matter

REMINDER : 84% still support the movement even after the violent protest

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