Things Teens Should Know About How Their Parents May Steal from Them

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by texdroid


Personal documents: Birth certificates, Passport, Social Security Card, etc… If you don’t know where they are kept or parents won’t let you have them at 18 or access them, that could be a red flag since these are the foundation of identity and financial identity.

2) Joint accounts

A) Closing / transferring balance at 18

B) Moving funds to different institution

3) Credit abuses / Identity theft. Opening credit or other loans in child’s name and not paying back.

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A) How to find out what’s out there.

B) How to freeze credit

C) How to dispute and correct information

D) Legal process such as police reports, etc…

4) Being asked to cosign and all the implications

5) Abuse of college loans and finances (don’t know much about this at all)

6) IRS Tax returns

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7) 7??? What is 7??? I probably skipped it! 🙂

8) Understanding your families financial health and warning signs

9) Mental / psychological aspects of telling bad parents, “no” to requests that can harm financial future.

10) Gifts / Inheritance from relatives

11) Divorced parents

12) Insurance beneficiary




Medical Rights / HIPAA




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