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Thanks, Fox News, for reminding us of the Soros role in creating America’s riot-coddling DAs.

It wasn’t really news. Nor was it controversial. It’s been reported in detail by conservative outfits for years. Fox News itself, news division, reported it. What was strange was that bizarrely unprofessional reaction from this one show, and from hosts whom most viewers have trusted and respected, such as Harris Faulkner and Melissa Francis. The leftist flak for the Obama administration, Marie Harf, no journalist, could be dismissed, given that she is no stranger to boldface lying for her bosses to sing for her supper. But why was Francis the first to bring it up, only to have Harf as her growling dog backing her up with her absolutely adamant call not to engage Gingrich? What did he say that was so evil and unfit for TV? Note that Harf was unable to cite any reasons — she has none; she just wanted to play commissar censor and, like all commissar censors, had a whiff of fear of those above her. Note that booming, croaking, dead-toned angry adamant voice, like that of an upset socialite or desperate high school principal. Shut up, she explained. It really was remarkable. She really didn’t want any discussion or even mention of Soros. But why did Faulkner coolly move on after cutting Newt off?

The strange behavior of Francis and Faulkner actually drew more attention to the issue because we expected better.

Fox has disappointed lately. Here’s the video:

The behavior is quite noticeably strange, and I think Fox owes Gingrich — and its viewers — an apology. And an explanation.


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