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Tesla Owner Blows Up Car After Discovering Cost To Fix Battery 

In Finland, an unhappy Tesla owner decided to blow up his Model S after learning it would need a new expensive battery pack.

In the video on YouTube with English subtitles, Tuomas Katainen explains his 2013 Model S was in the shop for more than a month for service. When he heard back from the shop, they told him they couldn’t repair his car, and the only option was to change the entire battery cell.

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Katainen said the fix would’ve cost him upwards of €20,000 ($22,500). He told the dealership that was absurd, and he donated the car to a Finnish YouTube channel Pommijätkät, whose name literally translates to ‘Bomb Dudes.’

Instead of fixing the Model S, 30 kg (66 pounds) of dynamite was strapped to the car for one explosive show. Showing his frustration, Katainen even had a doll of Tesla’s founder Elon Musk in the driver’s seat.

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Multiple angles of high-definition, slow-motion cameras captured the epic explosion (this time, it wasn’t spontaneous as we’ve noted before ((read: here & here)).


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