Thinking Like a Billionaire Slimeball (Psychological DD inside)

by FreshTatarSauce

My port is down over 50% since March 23rd by making decisions based on fundamentals and technicals. This is my first experience with a market crash, so this has been a great learning experience for me. Technicals and fundamentals are great when things are good, but are useless at best and misleading at worst in the corona market. Its time we stop playing checkers and start playing chess with the big boys.

So, I put my psych degree to the test and started to think like a scummy billionaire. Given recent news and media, its so easy to see whats happening. Let me lay out the major points of things that I see, and Ill give my synopsis at the end

  • The past week there has been a large influx of news stories bashing robinhood investors. Why should someone care if a bunch of autists want to pump a worthless bankrupt stock? Just let nature run its course once they get delisted. It’s because the billionaires, who control the news outlets, don’t like that they are losing control of the market. Loss of control = much lower odds of profit. We saw this with Buffet and Ichan taking huge losses. Money is control, and control is money. Its a vicious circle.
  • Media is all over the place with predictions, but very few are calling this the beginnings of a bear market. CNBC created a new market out of thin air to avoid calling it a bear market. #KangGang memes are great, but don’t lose sight of the fact that it only exists because the 1% wants to push out dumbass retail investors.
  • The process is loosely following the Hegelian Dialectic, which is used often by societies to control the public (shoutout to my boys at r/conspiracy). The Hegelian Dialectic works as follows: introduce the problem, control the reaction to the problem, provide the solution to the problem in which you created that will further expand your sphere of influence on the population or sector you wish to control. How this applies now, is that the news media is intentionally trying to confuse people about the current state of the market, and once the problem gets introduced (retail investors losing money), that will expand their sphere of control over the market. Which is their goal.
  • This has happened before. The PDT rule was implemented after the dot come bubble because retail investors were making too much money. They want to keep us poor.
  • All the “2nd wave” rhetoric. Corona crashed the market before, 2nd wave rhetoric will crash it again. Let’s not forget the billionaires control the media. Whether or not a 2nd wave is actually happening or if the first wave never ended, it is being pumped in the media and will be the scapegoat of the crash to hide the real reason for it- billionaire regaining control of the market.

Synopsis: Those in control of the market began to lose control after retailers flocked to the market in large enough numbers to move the needle in a huge way. They didn’t like that. We then started seeing a lot of RH bashing in the media the past couple weeks- psychological warfare. We then see a huge selloff paired with media outlets refusing to call it what it is- the likely beginning of a bear market. Even more psychological warfare to confuse investors and encourage them to buy the dip.

This has been the biggest threat to the billionaires market control, probably ever. The best way to weed out new investors is to confuse them as much as possible and psychologically control them where you can, then when the crash happens they will lose motivation and patience. They are using the Hegelian Dialectic to achieve that end. RH bashing, our brand new kangaroomarket, and corona 2.0 are all being pumped in the media to confuse and manipulate people, so whats going to happen when it crashes?

Retail investors are going to lose a lot, become discouraged, think the market isn’t for them, and get out.

I dont know if the crash is going to be this week, next month, or after the election, but what I do know is that when it comes, its going to be VIOLENT to maintain maximum control moving forward.


EDIT: Got the Elon gold, so here is my TL;DR as promised:

Elites lost some control over the market. They no like that. They are using their influence to manipulate RH retards and will cause a dip to force them out of the market.

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Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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