This article perfectly shows how Uber and Lyft are taking advantage of drivers that don’t understand the real costs of the business.

by theVoxFortis

I happened upon this article about a driver talking about how much he makes driving for Uber and Lyft:

In short, he says he made $257 over 13.75 hours of work, for almost $19 an hour. He later mentions expenses (like gas) but as an afterthought, not including it in the hourly wage.

The federal mileage rate is $0.58 per mile. This represents the actual cost to you and your car per mile driven. The driver drove 291 miles for the work he mentioned, which translates into expenses of $169.

This means his profit is only $88, for an hourly rate of $6.40. Yet reading the article, it all sounds super positive and awesome and gives the impression that it’s a great side-gig. No, all you’re doing is turning vehicle depreciation into cash.


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