This “Caravan,” Coming From Mexico Is Very Concerning

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From what I’ve seen, these people marching through Mexico are adding numbers with citizens of Mexico.

Some are reporting that their numbers are over 7 thousand at this point.

It doesn’t look like Mexico is actually doing anything to prevent this invasion, as was promised.

It looks more like the plans of the NWO Soros/Obama/leftist in action.

Obama was working toward the “North American Union,” with Nafta, Trump said he wouldn’t deal with that, but would focus on America, but instead, “insiders,” have convinced him to push forward with NAFTA…it’s still active.

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When the lady at the Trump Rally called Joe Biden “Creepy,” Trump got a little irritated with her, he said, “I’d never call him that.” Biden is CREEPY.

So what do you all think? The sick socialist leftists are set on destroying freedom, safety, and prosperity. Have we all been had?

I mean, all the people who stood against President Trump just a year ago, are suddenly his buddies. What the H?

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I’m a total Trump supporter, this is the first time I’ve been concerned. Am I wrong?

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