This Deputy’s Lie Just Became Viral Fake News: A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy “completely fabricated” a report that he was shot by a sniper — slashing his own shirt to appear as if he were struck by gunfire

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by axolotl_peyotl

The False Flag perpetrators and their co-conspirators in the Mockingbird Media are working overtime to inundate the US with these staged events. They are meant to cause fear, division and unrest.

However, as the power structures of these criminal and genocidal elite are finally being exposed as anti-human, they are becoming increasingly desperate, as their ill-gotten hegemony is finally being challenged.

It sounds like another such event has just been exposed:

Sheriff’s deputy admits he ‘completely fabricated’ report of sniper attack (apologies for linking this propaganda rag).

From another thread (thanks OP!):

Why isn’t the media asking the mayor why he lied about this incident for days?


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