This Friday (December 18th) Will Be One Of The Most Important Days Of This Country’s History…

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As many of you may already know, Trump signed an executive order back on September 12, 2018 that allows sanctions in the event of foreign interference in the election. There’s been a lot of chatter recently of the possibility of Trump invoking the insurrection act to take control if in the event that the court failed to enforce accountability and uphold the Constitution. What’s the written deadline for this particular EO? Answer: December 18, 2020.


Are you aware of the historical significance of that date? Ask yourselves what happened last December 18th?
Answer: Trump was officially impeached.


Now ask yourselves what happened on December 18th the year before that?
Answer: Trump delivered his important national security address


But wait, there’s more…

December 18, 1271: Marked the official start of the Yuan dynasty of Mongolia and China.

December 18, 1777: US celebrates its first Thanksgiving.

December 18, 1865: Thirteenth Amendment prohibited slavery throughout the US.

December 18 1939: The first major air battle of the WW2 took place.

December 18, 1944: US B-29’s bombed the shit out of Hankow, China.

And more….

And yet so many of you actually think that Trump will go quietly into the night? I wouldn’t count on it. Have your supplies stocked by December 18th. Things are going to get bumpy. REALLY bumpy.


h/t Dr. Van Gogh


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