THIS Happened 2 Times In History: 1929 and 1999! It’s On Right Now!

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There’s a down arrow in this thumbnail for the video, so you know it will trigger some people… One major point of the video of course was to talk about what they will do when the inevitable occurs. They’ll all buy stocks. All central banks will go head first into it and the public will beg them to do it. This shouldn’t be allowed and it’s not in the case of the Fed but of course, directly or indirectly, they’ll have to do it. The public will do anything to accept it… Fools.

When we walked into 1999, the euphoria was so intense, you could smell it. Today, on Wall St. it stinks horribly. There have been few times in which arrogance and complacency has overwhelmed the majority of individuals, going down a dangerous path. With QE4 flooding the system, nobody cares about numbers anymore. Just raise your targets and lower your standards. This is like amateur comedy hour: It’s a joke. You know it’s a joke. Everyone does. But it just isn’t funny.


The Charade – NorthmanTrader

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Wall St.’s year to forget – Dec. 29, 2000

Wall St. Persists with Price Targets – Los Angeles Times

‘Gut Feelings’ Are Driving the Markets – The New York Times

Sven Henrich on Twitter: “Ladies and gentlemen I present: The greatest economy ever. Rising prices, slowing orders, manufacturing and employment. Now let’s pay 153% market cap to GDP for stocks because of the Fed.” / Twitter


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The new tools of monetary policy

Speech, Bernanke –Deflation– November 21, 2002

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Gold Price


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