THIS Has Never Happened Before! Stock Market Enters Dangerous Mega Feedback Loop

Do you think that stocks will ever go down? Or are stocks at a permanently high plateau?

We have never seen such disparity. There have been wacky times in history but nothing has ever been so exaggerated. But no need to worry because as the masses have suggested, the Fed is there to save us all. Right?


Tesla jumps 12% as stock split takes effect, Apple gains 3%

Virgin Galactic: Cowen survey of high net worth individuals for spaceflight

People Line Up In Record Numbers At Alameda Co. Food Bank In COVID-19 Economy – CBS San Francisco

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LLP Q2 US.jpg (1258×710)

China’s big banks face fallout as pandemic forebearance expires – Reuters

J.C. Penney sale talks stall, pushing retailer to brink – Reuters

People Move From New York, New Jersey to Florida, Texas as Covid Boosts Mobility – Bloomberg

Elon Musk Is Richer Than Mark Zuckerberg After Tesla (TSLA) Stock Split – Bloomberg

Louisiana food banks turn from one crisis to another as Laura recovery begins |



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