THIS Hasn’t Happened in the U.S. Stock Market Ever In History! Meltdown Prevented by the Fed!

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The market has been supported by central banks. The economics textbooks literally have to be rewritten after this is over. They have destroyed it completely. What a horrible shame this will be. In the meantime though…EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Do you believe that people often forget about the ripple or domino effect? For example, they might be invested in the stock market but forget about their neighbour who is relying on their pension fund?

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Record highs persist in the US stock market. Nothing phases it. Threats from geopolitical turmoil, escalations of tensions, financial matters, domestic difficulties, and everything else, has proved that there are no factors externally which can bring this market down. Except of course, the one which has made it rise.
US stocks close at records despite government shutdown threat
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