This interview got me thinking about how close we are to collapse.

I was thinking that we are in the beginning of the deflationary phase with credit markets beginning to fail. But she raised an interesting point; if things start to fail central banks can move on and print more money.

Only when countries and corporations no longer can service near 0 interest rates this insanity will reach an end. Or if the money printing spills into the real economy, causing inflation (I can see this happening as a result of pension bail outs).

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I think we are really far away from that point. That’s something that may last more than 20 years.

via macrovoices:

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Nomi Prins to MacroVoices. Erik and Nomi discuss:

  • Why has QE never led to runaway inflation?
  • How has the market been propped up for 10 years without consequence?
  • What does the ECB own today?
  • The bank of Japan, their program and what it contains?
  • Central banks around the world and how they compare?
  • When does tapering occur on a global scale?
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For the second featured interview Erik Townsend welcomes Pat Hemsworth to discuss:

  • Why Saudi Arabia and Russia can’t make up their minds about oil prices?
  • Iran sanctions, expectations and what they mean?
  • Venezuela, production and what is next?
  • OPEC, faking it till they make it?
  • What is the forward curve telling us about the market?

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