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by Andy

I have been looking at the best info on this for a week. Yes – it is highly infectious. So it spreads easily. But outside of China this is a low-fatality illness. All international cases so far prove this. Highly infectious but low-fatality.

Outside China, at least. Here is some proof for you-

I’ve been doing a quick recopilation of the status of the patients since it seems very hard to find specific news about them. I have missing data from Singapore, US and Japan so all additional sources and information are welcome.

Thailand: 5 Recovered

Singapore: All 5 initially reported as stable. (Thanks to /u/whkoh for the data)


3 stable, moderate fever

Malaysia: 4 cases:stable condition

Japan: 1 Recovered and released

1 stable

1, Jan 25th case: mild symptoms, recovering in hotel room.

S.Korea: 55yo suffering from neumonia and on treatment

Not much information regarding the other 3 infected.

Nepal: The only infected is 32yo. Recovered and discharged


Washington: Recovered, waiting until test negative.

Chicago: woman in their 60s, "doing well" after treatment

Los Angeles: no details

Orange County: no details

Arizona: Not hospitalised, recovering at home


Father in good condition Son (age 28) is Recovered (local news thanks /u/

Australia: 3 man: condition stable

1 woman in her 50s, currently on treatment

1 woman 21yo, for now seems to be stable and fine as she is seen walking on her own feet from the ambulance.–c-666385


1 man in his 50s: condition stable. “Mild” illness

1 woman (wife) on her 60s: at home on self-isolation

Taiwan: All 5 confirmed patients are in Stable condition (Thanks to /u/Eclipsed830 for the update)

Sri Lanka: 1, Unknown condition


1 Developed fever, but now stable


1 recent case, in good condition.

Hong Kong:

3 most recent cases, stable

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