This is About Power and Power Alone

by Chris Black

80 million? That number sounds familiar. Nice message. Biden and his handlers, see Ron Klain, are declaring that Trump voters (they throw all White dissidents in that bag) and the unvaxxed are the exact same people.

The goal here is to force a violent confrontation so they have reason to crackdown down under the guise of public safety. They know exactly what they’re doing. This is the beginning of the DWOT.

They know the type of people that don’t want this poison are the people they want to wage war on anyway. 

1/6 didn’t work, so what better way to get the domestic war on terror started than by going after the unvaxxed?

Listen really good old man: WE are the ones who have been patient.  We’ve patiently watched the system take more and more away from us, and we’ve done relatively little up to this point.  It is the White working class whose patience is wearing thin, and you do not want to see what happens when it runs out.

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Today was a rare, yet timely gift: a White pill so massive that it is almost too much to swallow whole. 

The illegitimate occupied government of Weimerica has declared war on the American nation through the proxy of public health. Employers are now mandated to force vaccinations on their employees by a desperate political class going all in on overreach.

The response to this overt tyranny has been encouraging. Mass noncompliance will only be the beginning. People are angry. The system is desperately trying to find an excuse to crackdown on its political opposition. But the narratives are not working. Forcing engagement from people who only wanted to be left alone was foolish. But our rulers can’t help themselves.

For me, it’s hard to be demoralized. Instead, a fire has been lit that burns brightly. 

Opportunity is born from opposition. The only way out is through. Adapt. Overcome. Win.


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