This Is ALL A LIE! – The Global Chinese Takeover EXPOSED!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the massive propaganda campaign deployed on Earth by a government attempting to prop themselves up as the new global powerhouse. While it is clear that the US government alongside many global governments worked hand in hand with China to prop the technocratic country up over the decades, as one report recently exposes, the shutdown of Earth came from a Chinese propaganda campaign based on lies. As the report points out, at the beginning of this madness, the Chinese media was sharing videos and images of people falling to the ground. Dramatic scenes of unhealth that scared the world. Then as soon as the world took the “advice” of China and locked down, China opened with massive economic benefits while the rest of the world collapsed into the dark ages. This video explores this very strange “coincidence” and how the world had bought in and aided a massive lie creating a new world superpower based on a cashless society and technocracy.



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