This is how heartless the UK government has become

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My daughter Aimee 19 is going for her first back to work interview next week after claiming Universal credit , she cannot even feed herself , cannot walk or talk , is doubly incontinent , has epilepsy , severe devopmental delay -NOS , opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia syndrome , persistent dyskinetic movement disorder . UPDATE As my wife is Aimee’s [carer] they have agreed to do it over the phone interview and blocked the jobsearch .

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This girl has been placed on Universal Credit (where you have to actively be looking for a job to receive it). After describing her condition to them and the impossibility of why she can’t attend, they agreed that she didn’t have to attend the interview but still had to do one on the phone instead via her mother.

PIP is a benefit which disabled people need to allow them to live normal lives. People get paid bonuses for throwing people off PIP and into the Universal Credit system. These people are absolutely heartless and they way they treat the disabled in the UK is disgusting.

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They are making people’s life hell and the people assessing you are not even medically qualified and also ignore what doctors inform about a person’s condition.

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