This is how infections spike. Social distancing needs to be enforced.

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by XingyiGuy

This was my store yesterday just as the credit card machines went down. Lowe’s absolutely cares about profits over people. Over 295k in sales. from Lowes

Lowe’s sucks at doing anything to prevent this. I went in yesterday with a half mask p100 and some goggles which were bought there in January. People everywhere just like this. Even with protection I was pissed I subjected myself to that. And I feel so bad for the employees. The girl I was talking to had no protection and I can just imagine her mindset seeing me. She has to know how at risk she is and I magnified it 10 fold. When all this is over the people risking themselves in whatever profession need to have some type of compensation. It’s a shame most companies won’t do this right now. Lowe’s sucks. I won’t buy from them again.



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