THIS Is How You Hide MASSIVE Levels of Unemployment In the U.S! Watch This!

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Let me know what you think of this scenario. Temporary workers are pervasive in the U.S. especially. Canada as well. I’m sure other countries too.

There was a time when a full time job with a good company would be a long term, successful experience. We’ve seen how that has changed in recent decades. An employee’s service is no longer valued. People seem to be pushed aside when no longer needed, yet executives get massive bonuses every year and are all smiles throughout layoff periods. So why are we told that everything is awesome?
Amazon laying off corporate employees in rare cutback | The Seattle Times
Microsoft starts layoff of thousands of employees | The Seattle Times
CNN, Despite Trump Bump, Prepares for Dozens of Layoffs | Vanity Fair
Boeing factory where Trump delivered jobs speech to lay off 200 workers – Jun. 22, 2017
Amazon laying off 58 workers at North Charleston self-publishing business | Business |
Amazon plans layoffs at Quidsi unit after losses
Amazon laying off hundreds–report.html
Barnes & Noble cuts staff after dismal holiday season
Snapchat: Snap Stock Drops on Layoffs, Weak Outlook for 2018 | Fortune
Disney: Read ESPN President John Skipper’s Memo on Layoffs | Fortune
John Skipper’s memo to ESPN employees – ESPN Front Row
SeaWorld cuts 350 positions across company – Orlando Sentinel
Almost all the 10 million jobs created since 2005 are temporary — Quartz
The job market in 2017: A strong year for both millionaires and low-income workers — Quartz
Canada’s shift to a nation of temporary workers – The Globe and Mail

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3 thoughts on “THIS Is How You Hide MASSIVE Levels of Unemployment In the U.S! Watch This!

  1. & what about the 99ers who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, and are now having to scrounge about living in a tent, rummaging thru dumpsters for something to eat, and showing-up at soup kitchens as the new norm???
    The REAL unemployment rate hovers at 34%!!!! & that’s going back to 1992!!!
    IF you are not ‘Politically-Correct’ or a ‘Targeted Individual’ or a ‘Profiled Person of Adversity’. or perhaps ‘Disenfranchised due to being perceived as unreliable’, you will fall off to the very fringes of society. The system is in place to screw you, even if you took the moral high ground in the past in work, ethics and interactions in business.
    That is the plan for the ‘Useless Eaters’ and ‘Those who cannot or will not adapt for the New Order!” will be cast out.
    Do YOU have a tent, cook stove, and necessary equipment that you can put on an e-bike w/ a small bug-out trailer in the event you are evicted from you home or apartment???
    Have you paid off miscellaneous bills?
    Are you living your life in the mindset that it could all be gone tomorrow, so that when it does happen, you won’t be shocked from the event(s)?
    Have you been putting off dental treatment(s)? Go & get it done,as you may not have the chance, opportunity or $ to pay for such later on…!
    Have you thought about where you will go? How long it takes to get there? Your extended-stay shelter enhanced with your tent?
    Many 99ers who are experiencing these adversities are large in number, and many will never recover from what has happened to them.
    So get prepared to live on the fringes, and brace yourselves for the advent of becoming a criminal simply because you are ‘homeless’, ‘unemployed’ or have ‘no verifiable address’.!!

  2. It’s important to remember that the purpose of any Government is to accumulate wealth for those who operate the Government, that’s why it was established,… and if it fails to do so it will quickly be replaced by a stronger Gov’t. They have no need or use for those who pay neither taxes nor bribes!

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