Comey told Congress FBI agents didn't think Michael Flynn lied

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Didn’t Thomas Paine report on this earlier?
So in March, lawmakers wanted Comey to tell them what was up. And what they heard from the director did not match what they were hearing in the media.
According to two sources familiar with the meetings, Comey told lawmakers that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe that Flynn had lied to them, or that any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional. As a result, some of those in attendance came away with the impression that Flynn would not be charged with a crime pertaining to the January 24 interview.
Nine months later, with special counsel Robert Mueller in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation, Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI in that January 24 questioning.
What happened? With Flynn awaiting sentencing — that was recently delayed until at least May — some lawmakers are trying to figure out what occurred between the time Comey told Congress the FBI did not believe Flynn lied and the time, several months later, when Flynn pleaded guilty to just that.
Ahh, it wasn’t Thomas Paine (or at least his story wasn’t the one I was thinking of this time). It was a tweet from Jack Posobiec:

Tweeted on February 2nd:
Jack Posobiec
Scoop: FBI agents told McCabe if the case went to grand jury they would testify on Flynn’s behalf that he did not intend to mislead them. 302 was then altered. Days later edited 302 details leaked to WaPo
h/t Daniel Higdon

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