This is “lockdown” in SE Asia. You can shop for a new motorbike, get a bowl of noodles, drive anywhere. Yet extremely low mortality from Coronavirus.

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Where are all the fabled deaths and overcrowded hospitals from the countries nearest to China, those in SE Asia, particularly Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia?

Those countries are known for fairly lax government enforcement, as can be seen in this video people can do all sorts of economic activity all day long and yet we see low official death tolls and no over crowded hospitals or mass graves as predicted by the nonsense alarmists.

Some will argue “well they just aren’t reporting the deaths”. More like they aren’t calling every heart attack or cancer COVID like was done in USA and Italy. And even if they were grossly under reporting, you can’t hide the alleged medical emergency predicted by the alarmists. It would be very apparent, but it doesn’t exist.

Death Toll Numbers for Each Country


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