This Is Scary. More Car Attacks Happening. Massive Looting In California. Get Ready For Harder Times

This world is going off the rails – in just the last few days we have uncovered a ring of organized violent crime that is brazen enough to shut down entire streets and mall gatherings, violent vehicular attacks against unsuspecting citizens, and reports across the country that attacks against local citizens are on the rise at a pace that has never been seen before by reporting police departments.

As if you didn’t need any other reason to make sure you are ready for self protection when you or your family members go out, reports warn that in Boston, a 82-year-old man was attacked by a group of 40 dirt bike, atv riders sending him into the hospital in an attack that seems taken out of the script from the movie the purge.

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Things are about to get so bad financially all over the world that china is now banning celebrities from showing off their status of wealth and ‘extravagance on social media, in a warning that states that the wealthy must comply with ‘core socialist values’

According to the report – the well off must “Follow public order and good customs, adhere to correct public opinion orientation and value orientation, promote socialist core values, and maintain a healthy style and taste,” in a warning that China’s internet-regulation agency states will ensure good public values.




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