THIS is the 2nd richest man in the world? WTF??

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via Stucky:

Haven’t watched a minute of Saturday Night Live in about 20 years. Until now.  I am sorry to subject you to this shit. Below is the opening cringe-worthy opening monologue, and three completely unfunny skits featuring Musk. 

Questions to consider. When was the last time SNL was actually funny? Are there more talentless “comedian” hacks anywhere in the world?  How in the fuck does that show manage to stay on air? Are Americans that retarded? What the hell is wrong with Musk, why the fuck is he doing this, and why the fuck would he subject his mommy to this degrading nonsense?  Lastly, how in the hell did that guy become the 2nd richest man in the world??? That thing is the “elite” that we’re supposed to fear??  The saddest realization I had watching this doofus is that he’s quite young … and humanity will be haunted by this thing for another 30 years, or so.

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