This is the Azov Battalion Your Tax Payer Dollars Support in Ukraine

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by Chris Black

No one cared about Ukraine three months ago.

Ukraine wasn’t in the top 50 issues that Americans care about.

The war has been going on there for eight years and 14,000 people had died in the conflict and “journalists” didn’t give a shit about dead civilians in eastern Ukraine.

I’ve seen so-called right wingers claiming that Azov Battalion are some kind of National Socialist group.

If you were National Socialist, would you use your own people as human shields and then open fire on them when they try to flee?

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Understand: there is no story of “actually, the Ukrainians let them out finally.” Western media are just omitting the whole story of why the corridor is now open.

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Understand: Ukraine is effectively a state that seceded from Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed.

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On principle I favor the right of Ukraine to maintain sovereignty as an independent state. It is not my business to oppose that, if it is their wish.

However, I understand that the United States government has no interest in Ukrainian independence that isn’t a corrupt interest. Their “interest” in Ukrainian “democracy” is only a blunt tool to wield against Putin and other “rogue” nations that do not play by “our” (((their))) rules.


They would crush any and all attempts at American states attempting to secede and create an independent state (democratic or otherwise).

Their imperative is NOT democracy. Their imperative is forcing their vision of Globohomo on everyone else.

This is why I do not care about Ukraine.

My support in this case would equate to approval of American imperialism and globohomo. Russia might have imperial designs, but at least they don’t seem to be globohomo imperialism.

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