This Is the DEBT TRAP and It Was Created By the Rothschilds and Rockefellers!

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We need to understand that debt is the weapon of the technocratic elite. They use it against us. It is a TRAP. Do not be fooled. Just like the rat is fooled. They meet their fate. Don’t be a victim.
Do you believe people we will see a deleveraging of debt any time soon? Or will people consume until their go bankrupt?

Part 2

On average, people rack up as much debt as they possibly can. Making the minimum payment isn’t that difficult as long as they’re employed. Doing so allows them to maintain a particular image they desire. Carrying insane levels of debt allows these people to use things they technically can’t afford but instead pay them off over a very long period of time. This is a never-ending cycle that will result in massive levels of bankruptcy.
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savings-rates-by-wealth-class.png (512×353)
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2018.03.05apartments.jpg (887×447)
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5 thoughts on “This Is the DEBT TRAP and It Was Created By the Rothschilds and Rockefellers!

    • I have read & researched a LOT of this but will refresh my memory on this…ALWAYS new tidbits of information coming to light. Thanx & PLEASE continue to POST this everywhere you can.,,,it IS important in the BIG picture of REAL REALITY.

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      • Most folks these days have either their head up their arse or in the sand and think this can’t happen here in America!!!…… Joe McCarthy was onto something but nobody listened to him…. and General Patton said we fought the wrong enemy!!! Communism is very real and very dangerous yet the college idiots think it’s cool and Bernie is cool…..Bernie is just an innocuous looking man who represents EVIL and the idiots can’t see him for what he really is…
        Milly….now that you have the link you, too, can post as well. Be sure to watch it. It has David Cole and his investigation of the pretend gas chambers!!!
        If you do download it….can you please post on YouTube for me? They banned my account!!!

  1. This information SHOULD be posted on EVERY ALT news site, displayed on Billboards ALL over America AND TAUGHT in Home schools.,,,BUT THEN there would not be enough SHEEPLE to rob, rape & trample on.

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