This is the level of quality journalism that people on the left can expect from their so called "liberal network".

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MSNBC, the so-called “liberal network” in its 24/7 news cycle devoted a grand total 2 minutes of air time to the striking W. Virginia teachers.
This is the level of quality journalism that people on the left can expect from their so called “liberal network”.
The Democratic party has completely turned its back on and abandoned unions and labor in this country, in favor of big campaign contributions from Wall Street and Big Business.
In the era of Citizens United, labor unions simply can’t keep up with the campaign contributions of Wall Street and individual millionaires and billionaires that have always lobbied against labor rights and unions.
The same network that spends the entire week pumping out more Russiagate speculation than any other network can’t spare more than 2 minutes for one of its core base of supporters, labor unions.
MSNBC is not the “liberal network” as it touts itself, it is the neoliberal network.
It completely ignores the plight of poor people and the working class in this country, save for every 2 years when they pay lip service to unions and poor workers for about a month for the elections, after that its right back to identity politics and nothing else.
MSNBC is there to distract actual, classic liberals or leftist libertarians like myself with bullshit divisive identity politics, whilst censoring important stories like the West Virginia teacher strike by omission.

MSNBC’s Big Names Completely Ignore West Virginia Teachers Strike

Eight days into the first wildcat strike by West Virginia teachers in 27 years—organized by rank-and-file union members in all 55 West Virginia counties—America’s largest liberal cable network, MSNBC, is a virtual no-show in reporting on the momentous labor unrest.
Save for one two-minute throwaway report from daytime show Velshi and Ruhle (2/27/18), MSNBC hasn’t dedicated a single segment to the strike—despite the strike’s unprecedented size and scope, which garnered major coverage from major outlets like CNN (3/1/18), the New York Times (3/1/18), Washington Post (3/2/18),Vox (2/24/18) and dozens of others.
The most glaring omission is from the three highly paid primetime hosts: Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and former In These Times and Nation writer Chris Hayes. None of the three big hosts have tweeted about it, much less mentioned the subject on air.

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