This is the most corrupt market ever- read the Gilead study, oh wait, you can’t because do actual data was released outside of one number. This is straight lies to cover up the -4.8% GDP blowing past -3.5% expected.

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by kafkagoeswest

Here’s the link to the trial, which still hasn’t been completed and verified. Here’s a source that shows the only hard numbers coming out are that of the 6000 patients, 52% were discharged from the hospital, 53% show clinical recovery. There was no control group, so we have no idea what the discharge rates were for people outside of Remdesivir.

Now tell me how that is the positive news enough to drive past the worst GDP number we’ve had in years? That blew by the already terrible expectations, and will require economists to forecast further damage to the economy?

This is clown world. SPY 9000 6/20


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