THIS is the Worst Economic Data Ever Recorded as Epic Level Crisis Will Change Everything

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We are now living in truly historic times. We are breaking records everyday for better or for worse. But it seems to be desensitizing people to how shocking the data truly is. Millions of people are out of work but we just ignore it because don’t worry it will be fine. We look at companies literally bringing expectations of revenue to the floor and then beating it and sending the stocks surging. Stock buybacks for tech companies still abnormally high, central banks devaluing currencies, and more debt than could ever be paid back. What a wild ride.


U.S. Restaurant Closures: One-Third of Eateries Could Shut Permanently – Bloomberg

$600 Unemployment Extension: Where Workers Need the Money the Most

Las Vegas COVID-19 recovery may take 18 to 36 months, analyst says | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Dunkin’ could close 1,150 global locations

LA’s California Pizza Kitchen Now in Bankruptcy Because of Coronavirus – Eater LA

Small Business Owners Are Leaning on Credit Cards to Survive

Caterpillar Inc. – Financials – Retail Statistics

CAT june 2020 sales detail.jpg (1127×793)

CAT north america june 2020.jpg (1127×793)

Almost 30 Million in U.S. Didn’t Have Enough to Eat Last Week – Bloomberg

U.S. Gets a Debt Warning From Fitch as Stimulus Battle Rages

MS M2.jpg (888×573)

Gold Surges to Record as Week Opens With Spot Price Near $2,000 – Bloomberg

BoI to charge people for holding their pensions

Two Ex-Fed Officials Offer a Faster Way to Make Stimulus Payments – Bloomberg



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