‘This is thuggery’: Rudy’s lawyer slams DOJ for raiding his NYC apartment and office even though ‘he offered to cooperate with probe into his Ukraine dealings while working for Trump’

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  • Federal investigators executed a search warrant Wednesday on Giuliani’s NYC apartment and his office
  • They seized electronic devices as part of their look into Giuliani’s work lobbying for Ukraine  
  • Agents also raided Washington-area home of Victoria Toensing, a lawyer who worked on Trump’s fraud claims
  • Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello, called the raid ‘legal thuggery’ and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’
  • Andrew Giuliani accused Biden’s Justice Department of playing politics and ignoring Hunter’s ‘hard drives’ 
  • The probe into Giuliani was paused during election but has been heating up under Biden’s DoJ 
  • Investigation of Giuliani grew out of probe of his associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman
  • The pair worked on gathering information about the Bidens during election 

Rudy Giuliani’s son Andrew has accused the Department of Justice of raiding his father’s New York apartment and office for political reasons – and claims agents didn’t want to take allegedly incriminating evidence involving Hunter Biden.

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‘Any American, whether you are red or blue, should be extremely disturbed by what happened here today, by the continued politicization,’ furious Andrew told reporters in the Upper East Side on Wednesday.

‘The only piece of evidence that they did not take up there today was the only piece of incriminating evidence that is in there — and it does not belong to my father, it belongs to the current president’s son,’ he added.

It’s not clear what he was referring to, but his father is believed to have visited Ukraine in order to dig up ‘dirt’ on the Biden family.

Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello blamed the investigation on ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ and also a accused agents of ignoring Hunter’s hard drives during their search.

Giuliani’s team went on the defensive after the raids on Wednesday morning, in a sign that they are stepping up their investigation of his dealings in the Ukraine in a major escalation of the case.

‘Keep in mind that the agents could not read the physical hard drives without plugging them in, but they took Mr. Giuliani’s word that the hard drives were copies of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and did not contain anything pertaining to Mr. Giuliani,’ Costello said in a statement.

‘Their reliance on Mr. Giuliani’s credibility tells you everything you need to know about this case,’ he added.



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