THIS is what a protester and HERO looks like! “Cesspool of hypocrisy…..”

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“Cesspool of hypocrisy…..”

Guy goes up on podium to openly protest at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada.

Calling it a “cesspool of hypocracy” and that the premier does not represent the people’s voice.

All the while security and guards trying to pull him off the stage, he continue to speak with 100% coherence, politeness and very well chosen words in attempt to awake the audience’s conscience.

I have to give props to this guys, this is the type of attitude and clarity we need to in protesting against officials who are too outdated to and uninformed to lead it’s people. +1 from me.

P.S. I didn’t even know about this conference. Who the hell still promotes petroleum at this age of history? WTF?




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