This is what happens when you allow central banks to do whatever they desire.

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They destroy the financial system and still can pose as the savior. They are intentionally collapsing the monetary system. It’s an absolute fact that the actions by the central banks are blown way out of proportion and are putting more risk within. This cannot be resolved without an Economic Detox but we all know that won’t be allowed to take place. So they’re going head first into a brick wall. I assure you, this is going to hurt.

At this time more than ever in history, all central banks suggest these factors: Highlight external risk. Global slowdown. Suggest inflation too low. Financial system very sound. There is a clear concerted effort to engage in easy monetary policies. All which are designed to devalue their currencies, creating inflation of the money supply, and in turn a perpetual need for more debt. Central banks act as one unit as we determined in the Financial Crisis, while the Fed handed out cash to every financial institution big and small across the world. The question is, if all central banks are devaluing their currencies, then what happens to the purchasing power?

Fed’s Powell says rates unlikely to change as long as growth continues
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2019-11-12.png (773×467)
SEC FORM 13-F Information Table
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Swiss National Bank – 13F Filing – September 30, 2019 –
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