This Is Why California Can’t Have Nice Things

“The members of the Wall family never imagined their attempt to build a pool and spa at their isolated home in Hollister Ranch, California, would end them up in court. But as many Pacific Legal Foundation clients have discovered, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) has a long history of giving landowners no other option… Last year, the Walls applied for a permit to build a swimming pool on their property for their large family and grandchildren to enjoy. The county approved the request, but before they could begin construction, the CCC overruled the permit. The reason? The CCC refused to issue a permit until the Walls granted public access to Hollister Ranch beaches. Here’s the problem: The Walls’ property is nearly a mile from the shoreline, and they have no ability to donate any land along the coast. But the CCC appears to be making an example of the Walls. The agency has a long-running property rights dispute with Hollister Ranch about public access to the coast. In an act of pettiness, the CCC is punishing the Walls to send a message to the rest of the Ranch owners: submit to public beach access or get no permits at all.”

(Via Shoshana Weissmann.)


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