This is why everyone needs to wear a mask

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by Go4theEyesBoo

Aerosolized coronavirus can remain in the air for up to three hours and travel more than six feet.

Droplets in the air just from talking can linger for up to 14 minutes.

Their original assumption back in January on how it spreads didnt know it could infect by air.

You can spread the virus while not showing symptons and you can be infected and spread it for over two weeks.

80% of the people wont even know they are infected while spreading it.

We cant do 330 million tests a day everyday. NY for example does 20k tests a day. Georgia does like 4k.

Everyone needs to do their part and socially distance and wear masks. Im not a selfish person and I care about my country unlike some people.

edited with sources

Cdc on how it spreads and recommending mask use.

Recent published peer review from the National Academy of Sciences





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