This is Why Most People Want Mask Mandates Back

by Chris Black

I bet you already forgot about Covid, provided you’re a regular reader of this website.

However, according to a recent poll, most people didn’t forget.

More precisely, 70 percent of “normies” actually want the mask mandate back, winter incoming and all that.

At least in Canada this is the case.

I know, Canada is not a real country anyway, but at least they polled their people and the result is, let’s say, pretty scary.

Most people are unbelievably stupid. They are easily controlled through fear.

Most smart people don’t actually understand how stupid the majority is.

Fear is such an easy weapon to wield.

The dumb look to “the smart” for guidance, because they don’t understand. They need to be controlled to feel safe, and like their cage. They also fear anyone who doesn’t want to be in the cage.

Those people can’t be understood.

The sociopaths need control over others to feel fulfilled. They’ll wear a mask in public to force others to do the same.

Doing so gives them a high on the level of shooting up heroin. Domination is their objective.

People who don’t submit are mortal enemies, because they are evidence that the sociopath lacks power.

Most people in government are sociopaths.

Virtuous people don’t seek control over others, or fame. So working in government doesn’t appeal to them.

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The sociopath also cannot handle their own views being challenged, so they cut off all debate and resort to attacks of character.

We saw that with the cancellation of top of their field experts who dared to counter the covid narrative. Most doctors just fell in line, because they really aren’t as smart as society has lead people to believe.

Medicine is just a puzzle and it is actually amazing how bad most doctors are at it. They just regurgitate whatever a journal says, and rely on tests for diagnosis, both things controlled by a minority with a vested interest in pushing endless sickness over health.

Of course there’s also the money issue.

Covid has been the biggest cash cow in the history of the world. It’s like the spice trade, or western gold rush.

Governments threw trillions at it. Research labs faked anything they could to get free cash. Hey, we found a new variant. We need money to study it.

There actually isn’t any evidence that what they found exists, but governments send millions of dollars to university labs who study the flow rate of ketchup.

It was the perfect storm of fear, lack of knowledge, and opportunity for control, i.e. the exact scenario where the sociopath thrives.

They also don’t care if they are wrong.

Virtuous people also forget that fact, believing there is good and empathy in everyone, it just needs to be reached.

That is where the virtuous fail.

Evil exists and it looks like 90% of people in government.

The solution isn’t debate, it is cutting off their heads.

Believing this isn’t the answer is why we are where we are instead of where we should be.

The truth is bleak.

Light only comes from absolute darkness. It needs to be pitch black for people to follow the beacon of light, otherwise the path is obscured.


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