This is why politics are tearing us apart as a society

by TomGi

Emotional attachment to thoughts.

Every day, we attach either a positive or negative emotion to our thoughts.

The real problem is, our thoughts are only one perspective based on the information we have collected. So, in our thoughts we are automatically biased. Because, if we thought about things long enough, without emotional attachment we would see that there is just as much good as bad in any situation. It takes some hard looking though to find that silver lining when we are dumped full of cortisol and in fight or flight mode.

Our thoughts are also greatly influenced by our past. We remember things as either positive or negative. Happy, excited memories, or sad and angry memories. These are placed in our brain through chemicals like oxytocin (feel good) or cortisol. So, if you have a gloomy outlook on the future, you’ve probably has a less than happy past. We get accustomed to thinking things like, the past was crap so the future likely will be too. We rarely remember things if they were mediocre.

This is polarized thinking. Black or white.

Additionally, because we attach a feeling to these events, it can dictate how we react to future things. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the reaction. The way out of this matrix?

Choose to not attach an emotion to an event. We don’t have to emotionally react to anything. We are not all knowing, so how could we ever understand the full complexity of anything?

This kind of polarized thinking is what separates us. Believing that everything can be good, bad, good and bad, or neither good nor bad can really relax our experience and reflect carrying a shit ton of negativity with us through life.

Let it go, and let what is, be what it is with having the need to make it positive or negative. It just is.

The political system as it operates today, would lose its power. People would disengage and not assume either side was right or wrong. Who gives a crap, they are going to do what they want and manipulate the masses along the way. This is why party politics survive. Imagine if you weren’t focused on being either Democrat or Republican and we were all just American how much better everyone could cooperate and have civil discussions about how the country should be moving forward.

The leaders have found how to stall the country with emotional attachment. Don’t play the game.



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