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7 million new jobs
Lowest unemployment among women
Lowest unemployment among blacks
Lowest unemployment among Hispanics and other minorities
Lowest Veterans unemployment rate
Lowest disabled Americans unemployment rate
Lowest youth unemployment rate
7 million people off food stamps
10 million people off of welfare
Wages for low income have increased by 16%
Opportunity zones are investing in jobs and businesses in inner cities
Prison reform has finally been done. Giving people their freedom back under the Constitution.
The USA is the number one producer of natural gas.
America is now energy independent and record # of jobs in the fuel industry.
Gained 12,000 new factories in the USA with thousands more planned (after losing 6,000 under Obama).
Replacing NAFTA with USMCA.
New agreements with China to protect our markets.
Reversed failed Obama policies with Cuba.
$2.2 trillion investment in the US military. All manufactured in the USA.
Allies begin paying their fair share in NATO.
Creation of a Space Force.
Opportunity scholarships to allow for greater school choice away from underperforming schools.
Completed over 100 miles of border fencing. Scheduled to complete another 500 miles this year.
$50 million to neo-natal research.
Calls to ban late term abortions.
Fought against Sanctuary Cities.
Support police, military and ICE officers.
5000 human traffickers arrested by ICE. Ended Catch and Release.
Illegal crossings down 8 straight months in a row.
Border drug seizures increased at the border.
Calls to remove Marijuana off the Federal Schedule.
Calls to reform legal immigration laws to be merit based.
187 Federal judges named. Including 2 Supreme Court judges.
Constitutional right to pray in school.
Vows to protect 2nd amendment rights.
Calls to land on Mars.
Calls to combat radical Is-Lambic terrorism.
ISIS caliphate destroyed and Al Bagdhadi killed.
Moved Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.
Withdraw of troops from the Middle East.
Death of the evil, Iranian General Solomheni.
Call to cure AIDS in the next 10 years.

I was a doubter initially. But, President Trump, you have made me proud to be an American again. A feeling I have not had since Ronald Reagan! Thank you!


h/t QuantumLove


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