This isn’t about public safety anymore. It’s become an outright war on Constitutionally guaranteed freedom.

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De Blasio Wants New Yorkers To Rat On Neighbors. Don’t Do It.

Communist Tyrant: Bill de Blasio want people to take a photo of a crowd and report them to police if they aren’t social distancing. He needs to be removed #LiberateNY

Organizer of NJ coronavirus stay-at-home protest hit with criminal violation.

New Jersey Woman Charged With Plotting to Violate Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order.

The New Jersey woman who helped organize and film a protest in the state capitol of Trenton against Governor Phil Murphy’s stay-at-home orders was charged by the state police with violating the emergency decrees. The information comes to us via a press release from the state’s attorney general, Gurbir S. Grewal and Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

That’s some pretty heavy artillery to keep a lone woman in line. All she did was exercise her right to organize a protest and film it.

The protestors gathered outside the Statehouse and other locations in Trenton on Friday afternoon as Murphy and state health officials held their daily coronavirus press briefing.

A video taken by a woman who was live streaming the protest on Facebook showed people driving by the Statehouse honking their horns with American flags waving from their windows and others holding signs and flags on the sidewalk in front of the building.

A woman holding a megaphone could also be seen among the relatively small crowd along with a group of masked New Jersey State Police troopers that the woman filming kept panning over to during the course of the nearly 10-minute long video.

Editorial: LA mayor pushes residents to rat out those who violate stay-at-home order: ‘Snitches get rewards.’

LOS ANGELES, CA.- Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is one of the poster children for an out-of-control government on steroids. Garcetti is encouraging residents to “snitch” on violators of his executive order.

Government out of control. Look, let’s get this out of the way. Coronavirus is bad. It seems to be a very easily transmitted virus. We have seen a lot of people become sick, and sadly many people have died.

With that being said, how much of YOUR rights are you willing to sacrifice? Let’s remember, Dr. Fauci has said that this may indeed be a “seasonal” virus. So, with that being said, are we willing, once or twice a year to have the government quarantine us in our homes out of the interest of “public safety?”

Garcetti is now encouraging residents to turn into “coronavirus narcs,” asking them to report businesses that violate the city’s stay-at-home order.

“If any non-essential businesses continue to operate in violation of the stay at home order, we’re going to act to enforce the safer at home order to ensure their compliance,” Mayor Lame Brain said at a Tuesday press conference.

ESCAPE FROM L.A.: Proud mayor of California’s biggest sanctuary city urges residents to ‘report non-essential businesses that are operating illegally.’


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