This man finds joy in providing free rooms in his Motel for those in need

There’s a motel in North Bergen, New Jersey. It’s like a heaven for people who don’t have a shelter to live.

The Lincoln Tunnel Motel, located near the Lincoln Tunnel into the Newyork city is providing free rooms for those in need. The hotel isn’t that much glamorous, but their service is.

For several years, Lincoln Tunnel Motel belongs to Brian Arya’s family. Brian Arya’s dad owns the motel which has 41 rooms. Then, Brian decided to join the business with his father. In 2012, Arya began working in the motel in the nighttime. Five years ago, his father gifted him partial ownership of the motel.

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When the pandemic began, Brian Arya realized that the need for affordable places for people are rising. “People started getting quarantined, lockdowns starting happening, and then we started seeing an influx of unhoused people. You know, they just couldn’t afford rent anymore and so, they’d come to our motel,” Brian told the CBS News.


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