This may be the dumbest thing that any politician could ever do…

by Simon Black

Week before last, I told you about how the brand-new President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, made an impassioned speech calling for the confiscation of real estate from white land owners.
It was a pretty remarkable thing to say during what was literally his first week in office.
You’d think the new president would take the opportunity to address more immediate, more critical issues– for example, the fact that Cape Town is about to run out of water.
I’m serious.
Cape Town, the second largest city in South Africa (and the most well-developed on the African continent) is about to become the world’s first major city to run out of water.
The city is experiencing its worst drought in a century, one that has dragged on for more than three years. And its various dams and reservoirs are at historically low levels.
Local residents are already being rationed, including having their showers limited to two minutes.
But even with the rationing, Cape Town is still just weeks away from running out of water.
You’d think that would be at the top of the government’s list, given that their own idiotic policies caused this problem to begin with.
But no.
Social Justice has once again won the day over common sense. So they’re prioritizing the confiscation of white-owned land over critical water supply needs.
A few days ago, they took this a step further and actually passed a law authorizing the expropriation of land without compensation.
Their next move is to form an official committee to manage the process.
Now, South Africa obviously has a painful history regarding race.
And this issue of land ownership goes all the way back to the earliest European settlers who took land from the natives– something that President Ramaphosa called “original sin.”
The government’s objective is to correct this centuries-old injustice by taking land away from white owners and giving it back to its ‘original’ owners… ostensibly the descendants of native tribes.
But here’s where things become completely ridiculous. Let me give you a hypothetical example…
Let’s say a white landowner has a large property in eastern South Africa.
Even if he’s only owned the land for six months, he’s still going to be blamed for four centuries of imperialism… so his land will be confiscated by the government.
That sounds like a nice dose of justice!
But who will become the new owner?
One of the dominant tribes in eastern South Africa is the Zulu people. So perhaps the South African government will carve up the land and give tiny parcels to members of the Zulu tribe.
But then again… the Zulu tribe conquered that region centuries ago after a bloody war with the Ndwande tribe.
So perhaps the government should give the land to the descendants of the Ndwande instead.
Except that the Ndwande had conquered the area from the Mthethwa Empire, who in turn had conquered it from the Pedi tribe (of which Julius Malema, another of South Africa’s political hot-heads, is a member).
Even the most die-hard Social Justice Warrior whose heart soars at the prospect of confiscating land from white people has to acknowledge the absurdity of stealing property from the descendants of one conqueror and giving it to the descendants of another conqueror.
And, even if it were possible to accurately determine the ‘rightful’ owners of the land, and even if the prospect of forced redistribution were a good idea, can we really trust one of the most corrupt governments in the world to fairly and transparently execute the program?
Or is there just a teeny, tiny possibility that maybe, just maybe, all this confiscated land will end up being owned by government cronies?
Another important point is that a lot of this land that the government wants to confiscate probably has quite a bit of bank debt.
Imagine– you just bought a farm for, say, 50 million rand (that’s about USD $3 million). And in order to do so, you took out a hefty loan from a South African bank.
Now the government comes along and steals your property.
Are you seriously going to keep paying the loan?
Of course not.
This means that the banks are going to be stuck with massive defaults and bad debts, leading to a wave of bank failures.
So in their crusade to bring Social Justice to South Africa, the government is effectively engineering a banking crisis in their country.
This is criminally stupid behavior that puts South Africa on the same path that Zimbabwe followed in the late 1990s.
And as I told you a few weeks ago, when I first reported about this land confiscation in South Africa, anyone who is dumb enough to follow Zimbabwe’s economic model absolutely deserves what they’re going to get.


12 thoughts on “This may be the dumbest thing that any politician could ever do…

  1. If one were to have enough common sense, one would see this divisiveness that has been happening throughout the world, has increased 10 fold in the past 20 years since 911.
    This divisiveness is being paid for by the Globalists, to allow the transition to a world government.
    A divisive population is easier to manipulate and control.
    But what else can be done, when the whole world is broke, and the citizens are about to find out they ALL have been robbed by their very own governments?

  2. I don’t understand why they are taking working farms that are feeding the population from any farmer. Would someone please show me proof of a successful black farmer in Africa? Dig deep wells. How about building a couple of desalination water plants?

    • Why do you think that the government (any government) cares whether people starve or not?
      Starving Blacks do not trouble the GOP and dead Deplorables are are a positive for the Dems.
      With regard to Cape Town it was – is the only area which is not ANC dominated. The World Council of Churches and the ANC moved several million blacks from their homes (500 miles away) in Transkei and from further north, into the Cape Flats. An area that could not possibly support them they dumped them on the Whites and Coloured (descendants of Malay workers and slaves) and said ‘Now you must provide for them’. The ANC created squatter towns in the mud and sand. More than doubling the population in a matter of a few years. The Cape cannot possibly support the number of people now there. The national dept. of water has spent no money in providing pipelines and reservoirs, as the problem is not theirs but the Cape Whites.
      There is no water under the Cape, it is solid rock for hundreds of feet. A Desalination plant would require the central government to provide finance, they hate the Cape and want it to starve and fail. “See it is the Whites who can’t run a province’.
      The thing is that they will succeed. No industry, no tourism (‘The fairest Cape in all the world’) no agriculture (the Cape provides the greatest export in the country) and no hope for the coloured and white population.
      The ANC motto is ‘No water, no problem. No whites, no problem.’

  3. Without YT’s knowledge and hard work, this once prosperous country will revert back to it’s roots meaning mud huts and cannibalism. It’s only a matter of time.

  4. I have read that 70,000 white South Africans have been murdered and the government does nothing.
    Maybe the USA and other countries need to offer asylum to white South Africans before they are slaughtered?

  5. they do have hot spot high quality URANIUM.
    but no CIVILIZED citizens.
    ps: how about some REPARATIONS for the WHITES killed?
    or LET THEM STARVE? They will be coming to your neighborhood with NO WALL !!!

  6. To understand, you have to remember that no confiscation without consent was part of the ANC deal in 1994.
    It required 2/3rds majority to pass and only now with the aid of the ANC arch enemy EFF can it be passed.
    Of course, it will be handed to ANC officials and there is no possibility of determining who originally ‘owned’ the land. All African land is owned by the tribal chief, and people are allowed to use it at the whim of the chief.
    Ramaphosa was a Union labour organiser for the Mine unions. He sold out the ANV and Unions to Anglo-America Corp. His reward was a seat on the board of AA and his brother-in-law – relative had a contract to provide all labour for the mines. The miners were moved into shacks and tin huts with their families. Ramaphosa is worth £745 million (in 20 years) and his relative is the richest man in SA. The miners of course are starving.
    What did you expect?

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